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Young activists work to revive former mill town–The Free Press, April 2021

Assault’s aftermath puts interracial couple to the test–The Free Press, March 2021

The Covid Cast–Columbus Monthly, March 2021

Funny women eulogize a not-so-funny year–The Free Press, January 2021

Replacing the Columbus Statue: Christian Casas’ Wake Work–Columbus Monthly, January 2021

Tale of teens’ ordeal takes on new significance–The Free Press, November 2020

Alone in a Crowd–Columbus Monthly, November 2020

Documenting Trump’s botched response to the pandemic–The Free Press, October 2020

Presidential satire couldn’t be more timely–The Free Press, September 2020

Psychoanalyzing the most powerful man on earth–The Free Press, September 2020

The Lessons of 1954–Columbus Monthly, July 2020

Review: Working Man–The Free Press, June 2020

Julia Reichert’s Curtain Call–Columbus Monthly, April 2020

Reviews: Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Premature–The Free Press, March 2020

Reviews: 1917 and Just Mercy–The Free Press, January 2020

Reviews: Dark Waters and Waves–The Free Press, December 2019

A Lego Master of Miniature–Columbus Monthly, December 2019

The lawyer who helped to mold Donald Trump–The Free Press, November 2019

“Mockingbird” sings a more sensitized tune on Broadway–The Free Press, October 2019

Selling the Heartland Sound–Columbus Monthly, August 2019

Culture clash centers on Chinese approach to terminal illness–The Free Press, August 2019

Superhero duties put crimp in web slinger’s love life–The Free Press, July 2019

Doc offers incomplete portrait of controversial congresswoman–The Free Press, May 2019

Harvest Dance–Columbus Monthly, April 2019

Did “Survivor’ set the stage for Trump’s presidency?–The Free Press, April 2019

The koto comes to Columbus–Columbus Monthly, February 2019

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